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HJ Lubtronic SIP
HJ Lubtronic SIP
Cylinder oil day tank

The cylinder oil day tank, supplies the lube oil needed for the lubricators. A typical cylinder oil day tank holds approximately 500 litres.

Oil Supply Unit

The hydraulic system is driven by an oil supply unit (OSU) which supplies both the high-pressure oil for lubricator activation and the low-pressure oil for supply of fresh lube oil to the lubricator. The cylinder lube oil is delivered to the OSU from the lube oil day tank through a 40 µm filter.

The pressure is regulated by a pressure regulation valve to approx. 70 bars. During operation the pressure in the return line and in the oil tank is 1-3 bars, depending on the day tank pressure.

PC unit

The PC unit, which controls the lubricators is located inside the engine control room. Through the PC unit it is possible to lower the feed rate as well as to choose the preferred automatic regulation algorithm.

Any alarms triggered will be presented on the PC unit in clear text. The PC unit also enables monitoring of the system as well as logging relevant data including any alarms.

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