HJ Smartlube 4.0

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Cylinder manifold

The manifold will ensure precise measurement of the feed rate through a feedback loop.

To determine the mass flow of each cylinder, the manifold contains a temperature sensor to determine density as well as a flowmeter to measure the volume passing the manifold.

HJ Smartlube 4.0


The HJ E-SIP valve is a cylinder lubrication valve, which is electronically controlled – The valve is the heart of the HJ Smartlube 4.0 system. This means the valve can inject any amount of cylinder oil as well as on any crankshaft angle of the engine.

Furthermore, the valve can utilize the “Swirl Injection Principle”, where tiny oil droplets are injected into the centrifugal power of the scavenging air swirl, ensuring optimum distribution of the cylinder oil – as well as injection into the piston ring pack during the compression and combustion stroke.

HJ E-SIP works on all engine types and designs.

  • Cope with any future lubrication scenario
  • Multiple injections during every engine revolution
  • Optimal engine reliability
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Reduced cylinder oil consumption
  • Reduced maintenance of liners, rings & lubrication equipment
  • Minimum crew interventions
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HJ Smartlube 4.0
HJ Smartlube 4.0
HJ Smartlube 4.0

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